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Time:06:16 pm

Well i am happily in love it seems

i met a girl threw a friend who i was just trying to cheer up

but to my suprise i ended up falling in love with her.. not just your normal love

more like a Omg i am going to marry this girl kinda love. 

its amazing tho it is along distance relationship but i am not giving up on her

she makes me way way to happy to give up on her.. other then that every things good

working on my Wild Triyuki skits. As for school its going okish i got my assossiats. 

or how ever you spell it.  and thats about it its going ok got a really tough history teacher

any who.. as for wow still playing woot me.. as for every thing else same old same old..

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Subject:I LIVE!
Time:04:18 am
Well sorta. been so long since i last came here, so now here i am its awesome, every thing seems to be doing great, i got me assossiates degree, I have one of my friends back so i can actualy go hang out. woot, i play WoW which isn't exactly a great thing but its cool, Well i shall try to write some more Wild Triyuki scripts so i can post some everynow and then any who catch you all later
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Subject:What am i going to DO~
Time:03:56 pm
Current Mood:awakeawake
well, i got my airplane ticket to meet the girl, and she's pretty excited.. so am i.. we talk alot on the phone and its so cute. any who she was out of town last week, cause she was doing inventory for other stores.well she got on last night and it was cute. i was telling her about how my parents were like oh i can see you married to this girl in a year to a year and a half i thought it was kinda cute.. well.. she was like "oh so you wanna marry a girl up here in pen" she was like "lol" and i was like now that i think about it i like there idea. lol which is cute and she was like "oh so theres a girl up here that you like" i was like "hmm actually yes.. i do have one girl in mind" she then said "God i missed you so much." then started telling me while she was in her hotel, that every night she was there she wished i was there holding her.. so that she felt safe there. i was like wow.. you really want me don't you. and ok this caught me off gaurd. she said "I want you.. and only you" i was like WHA! cause normally she keeps stuff like that bottled up. but she was open.. well later she was like sorry if i'm not my self kinda tired. i was like oh so you didn't mean what you said then. and she was like "maybe" which we all know when some one says maybe after saying some thing they didn't mean to.. maybe means omg i can't beleave i said that. any who.. thats really it. well thats my thing for today.
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Subject:Wild Triyuki Episode Six!
Time:02:28 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
*notice to allow our hosts days off, we have decided to alternate between another set of hosts - ps i have no opinion of gay couples so don't take the comment to seriously i'm just writing down how these characters would respond to the situation.*

Shiann: Hello everyone one and welcome to Wild Triyuki! Today we have a suprise for you, in the form of 3 new hosts that will be alternating with Sanzo, Vash, and I so that we can have some days off. Well now let me introduce our new hosts. first up is Gojo!

Gojo: Yo. *sound of a beer can beeing opened*
Shiann: By popular demand Maroku.
Maroku: i am a simple man o fthe cloth.
Shiann: and finally Ms. Lina Inverse.
Lina: I'm on the radio, i'm going to be famous!
Shiann: Well these are your new hosts. Cya *sound of a door opeing then closing*
Lina: Hiya! everybody!
Makoku: Sigh so we're the hosts? i was so hopeing to work with a beautiful blond.
Gojo: Yea and not some flat chested red head.
Lina: What!
Gojo: Hey tina can you get me another beer?
Lina: My name is Lina!
Gojo: I don't care whatyoru name is, just get me another beer.
Maroku: hmm well lets take some callers, todays topic is go--
Lina: Heres your damn beer!
Gojo: about damn time.
Lina: Fire ball! *sound of crackling fire is heard followed by a small explosion and stumbling*
Gojo: What the hell!? you could have seriously burned me!
Lina: That was my Goal!
Maroku: Can you 2 stop! we do have a show to do.
Lina: He started it.7
Gojo: what! you threw that fire ball at me.
Lina: You deserved it!
Maroku: Both of you stop!
Lina: Fine
Gojo: Whatever
Maroku: No todays topic is-
Lina: Treasure? Riches? Power?
Gojo: Beer? Women Gambling?
Maroku: None of thoses, todays topic is what girl wants in a man.
Gojo: All a girl wants is to be in bed with me.
Lina: Someones full of themself
Gojo: only speaking the truth.
Maroku: huh? *sighs* you two sound like a couple i know.
Lina: your not saying that!
Gojo: I have way better taste then her
Maroku: oooh look our first caller hellow caller your on the air!
Caller: Hiya!
Gojo: hey, what's your name?
Caller: you can call me Fujiko
Maroku: Well Mrs. Fujiko i was wondering if you would be so kind and bare me a child?
Caller: What!
*a loud slap is heard*
Lina: Behave!
Gojo: did you just slap him with a bunny slipper?
Lina: yes. why? do you want to get hit too?
Gojo: umm not really.
Lina: Good now Fujiko tell us what you want in a man.
Caller: I beleave a man needs to have money and looks.
Gojo: Women are so conseded.
*a loud slap is heard*
Lina: Take that back!
Gojo: no you take it back!
Lina: no i said you take it back!
Gojo: and i told you to take it back!
Maroku: would you two stop fighting or go get a room, i swear you two sound like a old married couple
Gojo & Lina: SHUT UP!
*2 loud slaps are heard*
Gojo: well Fujiko have you found your man yet?
Caller: No all the rich men are old and ugly.
Lina: and the men with looks?
Caller: saddly tehre all poor, Damn Lupin
Gojo: Lupin?
Caller: i gotta go our target just arrived Cya!
Maroku: well lets take another caller.
Caller: hello?
Maroku: uhh sorry sir but todays shows is about what a women wants in a man.
Caller: oh i know that i just wanted to tell you guys what a man wants in another man.
Caller: hello?
Caller: Helloooo?
Lina: Darkness beyond Twilight,
Crimson as the blood that flows
Buried with in the tests of time,
Is where your power flows,
I pledge my self to conqure
all the foes that stand before us
with the powers you and i possess
upon my unworthy hand
Caller: hello? i hear you!
Maroku: polt!
*Sound of a object getting launched*
Caller: what a man wants is a man is.. a nice big--
Lina: DRAGON SLAVE!!!!!!
*a loud explosion is heard*
Gojo: There are some sick people out there *Sound of a lighter*
Maroku: yes some very sick people in deed
Lina: Well there went our phone
Maroku: hmm so who's all hungry?
Lina: I am!
Gojo: I could go for some grub to
Maroku cool then lets go.
Gojo: Cool guess Selina's paying
Lina: grrrr. darkness beyond twilight!
Maroku: Shit run!
Lina: Crimson as the blood that flows.
Gojo: Ok ok shit i'll pay!
Lina: oh hehe ok! you're soo sweet Gojo
Gojo: Damn witch is more insane then that damn monk Sanzo.
Maroku: well good night every one cya! oh and if your beautiful hot and single give me a call. if you want to bare me a child.
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Time:12:29 am
Current Mood:boredbored
well today i start typing again well hopefully some more, lately just been to lazy tired or just not in the mood to type. as always texas is boreing i occasionally want to go out and cry, but oh well more important things to think of. and some questions to ask
1> is it wrong for me to fall for some one in a nother state?, saddly i meet this girl over a game i play, we talk and chit chat alot and have lots of fun, i like her alot, we've been talking for 4 months now, on Team speak and in game, and we talk about every thing, i feel so comfortable talking to her and it feels natural, so we decide to meet in rl. is that strange? or wrong?

2> Should i move to georgia with my freind? hehe. i kinda honestly do want to move out finally and be free, but am i ready? i can transfer there yes. but will i be abel to afford houseing and what not or will i end up crashing and burning?

sigh so many other questions to ask but those are the main 2 i'm focusing on.. oh well, if you got some advice spill it, oh and i'll post some Wild TriYuki episiods tomarrow any who cya later bye!
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Time:10:36 pm
Finally back from my trip to london.. my god it was okish.. but still wrong.. on the first day i was running with 5 hours of sleep for 48 hours.. god forbid my body actually sleeping on a airplane.. sigh.. well on day one the day begins with the inability to check into our hotel.. which sucked cause i was so drained by the time we got there...any ways so we decide to head to the tower of london.. but before that my brother decides to play a game and push the revolving doors real hard.. so they spin fast.. yea lets just say i now have 3 bruised ribs.. but before i went to the doctor after bitching about so much pain.. i wen't on a 5 hour tour of the london tower.. which was fun i guess except cobble stone i hate cobble stone. cobble stone and the god for saken door ways and stairs.. my god they were small people back then.. i hit my head on 4 door ways and the stairs.... oh my the were like half the length of our stairs and super steap.. my legs were dead just walking up one flight. and another thing.. that castle was not ment for fat people.. kinda funny at one point on the tour we had to stop and back up cause a umm "large couple" got stuck in the stair way now that was funny. oh well but none the less it was cool. after that we finally went to hotel.. sigh.. saddly my brother and bruno made me sleep on the floor so not a fun thing. especially when you are in pain.. so i took a 2 hour nap.. which was nice i guess. woke up and went down to the hotel restuarant and had fish and chips.. well fish and frys but they call it fish and chips go fig. any who.. it was a ok dinner we went back up to the hotel and i slept on the floor again.. until 4 am which is 10 our time.. that sucked bad cause between the fact my sleep schedual was screwed. and the fact i was sleeping on the floor and the final fact that bruno and micheal were sleeping.. i was up till 7am just to wake up at 8:30 for day 2's adventure. day 2 consisted of rail way and walking.. it was fun.. we visited the london meusum but it was kinda disapointing. all they had there was rocks, rocks, and umm fancy rocks, so after 2 hours of stairing at umm.. rocks.. we ate at TGIF and i was happy. we decided to walk around which was fun cause i say a guy with a trained falcon in the square letting it go so it can chase the pigeons away that was cool.. we also stoped at a few shops along the way which was cool as well.. all till it started raining.. now that sucked cause micheal left the umbrella's in a taxi.. and we kinda lost our rail passes so we walked from shopping cent all the way to the hotel in rainy cold weather.. and cold as in 40 degree's cold and windy. boy did that suck.. lets just say it was a 2 hour walk back to our hotel.. then once again got to hotel took a nap ate and went to sleep. only slept for 5 hours this time. for day 3 day three was ok.. we did a little bit of walking but we also mainly rode the buses.. that was fun cause it was the live tours and i found out where shawn connery and some other bond guy lived at.. ^^ and a few other fact so that was fun till it got freaken windy and cold towards the end of the day.. soo once again we went back to hotell after riding busses for 6 hours and repeated. so pretty much the weather sucked on our trip it was always rainy and always cold.. and very windy.. on day 4. it was intresting i actually got to sleep on a bed today.. which was great cause i actually slept for 6 horus oooooh. but the funny part was some one tried to commit suicide today.. i woke up and out hotel has a perfect veiw of the london bridge.. well i woke up and i see this guy make a 90 degree turn and try to ram threw the side plating of the bridge to drive off.. well traffic stoped on both sides while this guy rammed the side over adn over then finally the guy gave up and turned and drove off quickly the other way. it was rather humours mainly cause what better way to end a vacation then some guy try to commit suicide at 8 am and fail.. sigh.. well on the trip home lady luck was with us.. all tree of us got bumped up to buisness class for free and my god they never stoped feeding me.. i was so happy! and i had a comfy chair and it was awesome.. then we had a 3 hour delay in N. Carolina which sucked 3 hours of doing nothing.. then finaly rode coach while bruno used his miles to get 1st class adn left me and my brother behind -.- which was very rude to suffer. sigh..but now i'm home and i got a comfy bed so i bid the adu i think thats how you spell it oh well i think i'm going to try to sleep but i know i won't be able to.. man this sucks.. oh well off i guess to watch Saiyuki well till then cya!
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Current Music:its the end of the world as we know it
Time:01:24 pm
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
Well it is offical i hate Texas and there inability to drive when its barely raining. Today is one of them days where its misting and every one drives insanely. i'm coming out of the TCC parking lot and this red car pulls out as well.. the car slowly comes closer and closer to my car. and i can now see it out of the corner of my eye theres no turning signal but he just keeps on getting closer so i'm like what the fuck? so i turn to see what the hell he's doing and right when i do.. the car infront of me slams on there breaks. so i'm like shit.. so i try to stop adn i end up hydro plaining into there car. damn ford focus. had nothing done to it.. just alittle dirt on it from my car that easily whiped away as we brushed our hands on it.. my car on the other hand has scrapes on teh front bumber where it went under and the tip of my hood is bent up. sigh and if that isn't bad enough my manager has decided to Cut my hours down to working either 3 or 2 days a week so now i'm making half of what i was making for a month when my hours were 4-5 days a week. so this really sucks now.. so now i'm barely making a profit on my paychecks adn now i have to fix my car.. sigh there goes my tax return money.. *Sigh* this is soo not becoming a good week infact.. i really hate today. and i prey that i'm right and there is no damage on the car infront of me.. so i only have to pay for my car's hood and not there.. but from what i can tell nothing happen.. i think my car just slid under hers. if only i didn't have work today i would be drinking my self into a happy bliss sigh so as i say I HATE TEXAS!
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Time:02:17 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
Wild TriYuki the real Episode 5
So I miss counted.
Topic Relationships
Hosts: Sanzo, Shiann
Guest host: Mirabelle

Sanzo: Hey every one, and welcome to another episode of Wild TriYuki.
Shiann: You sound pretty damn happy today.
Sanzo: What else would you expect, Vash isn't here.
Shiann: you hate him that much?
Sanzo: No he just reminds me of a stupid little monkey.
Shiann: Oh. Well shall we get started then?
Sanzo: Sure.
Shiann: Well today since Vash is in the hospital getting the chip removed, we decided to have a special host today.
Sanzo: Today our quest is non other the-
Shiann: My wife Mirabelle.
*Sound of door opening then closing*
Sanzo: You're married?
Mirabelle: Yes he is.
Shiann: Well since my wife is here today's topic is relationships.
Sanzo: Uhh yea. Ok. lets start taking our first caller. Hello caller you're on the air.
Caller: Hey, my name is Tenchi.
Mirabelle: hello Tenchi. Tell us about your problem.
Caller: Well I want to have a relationship, but, well you see I live with 6 different girls and each one of them wants to be with me.
Sanzo: Do you like one of them?
Caller: Yes.
Shiann: Ouch this predicament can get pretty ugly.
Mirabelle: Well I say tell the one you like about your feelings.
Tenchi: And the others?
Sanzo: *sound of lighter* forget about them. They will under stand.
Shiann: Oh that tickles
Mirabelle: Mmm
Caller: Thanks your help.
Sanzo: No prob lem would you stop making out with Shiann's neck
Mirabelle: What! Oh sorry.
Shiann: uhhh.
Sanzo: Why does Shiann look so pale?
Mirabelle: I think I drank too much of his blood.
Sanzo: Oh. Alright well while he recovers lets take our next caller.
Shiann: uh. Huh.
Mirabelle: Hello Ca-
Caller: SHOOT HER!
Mirabelle: huh?
Sanzo: God damn it Vash! Today was a good day to.
Caller: Shoot her she's a demon!
Sanzo: umm no sorry Vash but she's a Crimson Noble or Vampire if you will.
Caller: She's a Demon!
Sanzo Vampires aren't demons there Crimson Noble's
Mirabelle: Shiann
Caller: Kill her!
Sanzo: Sorry Vash but I can't.
Caller: What!?
Sanzo: Killing is wrong; no one has the right to take away another's life.
Caller: What! How ca you say that! How many people have you killed!
Sanzo: I never killed them. I just um, banished them.
Mirabelle: I don't want to be banished.
Shiann: Don't worry.
Caller: Uhh banish and killing are the same thing!
Sanzo: Meh like I said I never killed any one. It's not my fault they jumped in front of the bullets.
Caller: Jumped in front of the bullets!?
Sanzo: Like I said I never killed them, my bullets did.
Caller: SANZO!
Sanzo: What sorry you're breaking up? * Sound of crumbling paper*
Caller: I hate yo- *click*
Shiann: You hung up on him?
Sanzo: No technical difficulties.
Mirabelle: Are you going to shoot me?
Sanzo: Naw in honor of pissing off Vash, I won't shoot u.
Shiann: you weren't going to shoot her in the first place were you?
Sanzo: uh. Umm ok next caller.
Mirabelle: Ok, hello caller you're live!
Caller: Hello.
Sanzo: So caller what's your name?
Caller: My name is Maroku and like Sanzo I am a man of the cloth.
Sanzo: So what kind of relationship problems are you having?
Caller: Well I'm having a very hard time trying to tell this girl how I feel about her.
Mirabelle: awe you're shy. That's so cute!
Maroku: Actually it's because I tend to ask every beautiful women I see to bare me a child.
Mirabelle: You pig!
Sanzo: Idiot.
Shiann: I'm no expert but I think that could be the problem.
Sanzo: Well has she seen you do this before.
Caller: Sadly yes.
Mirabelle: You jerk do you do any thing to show her that you like her?
Caller: I touch her soft round butt when ever I get a chance.
Mirabelle: You are such an idiot!
Caller: Hmm Mrs. Mirabelle, would you do me the honor of bearing me a child?
Shiann: What!?
Mirabelle: Huh? I'm uh married and happily to!
Caller: Well that's ok he can either watch us or we can take turns with you.
Shiann: I will not share my wife with any one! I lover her!
Mirabelle: Shiann.
Sanzo: Must hold back urge to beat caller with paper fan.
Caller: Huh, sorry got to go. The girl I was talking about is about to take a bath so I think I'm going to watch her I mean make sure she's safe.
Sanzo: Idiot.
Mirabelle: You said you loved me?
Shiann: I do.
Sanzo: great.
Mirabelle: Sanzo can you leave the room for 5 min?
Shiann: Make it 45 minutes
Mirabelle: OH! Shiann!
Sanzo: uhh. Yea just do me a favor and stay away from my chair well good night every one thank for listening.
*Sound of door opening then closing followed by sound of it locking*
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Time:07:22 pm
Happy! Valentines DAY! ok.. i don't think any one visits this but mr. renar soooo.. i feel kinda funky saying it.. >.< god i hate today i think this is the one and only holiday i actually hate. sigh.. well that makes 22 valentines day i spent alone.. i wonder if i'll hit 23.. oh well. oh and tomarrow i shall post my latest episiodes of Wild Triyuki hehe kinda fell behind on the episodes so please bare with me
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Time:02:27 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
Since brent is the only one that i know of that reads this. i shall post episode 5 which i think is the one i didn't finish so here you go. hope you like it. oh and do post comments. and if other people read these tell me and i'll post the ones i skipped thank you.

Wild TriYuki
Episode V
Sexy Out Fits

Hosts: Vash the Stampede, Genjo Sanzo, Shiann Rainstorm.
Special Guest: Fei Valentine

Shiann: Hello and welcome to another episode of Wild TriYuki!
*sound of Door opening and closing*
Sanzo: You're late.

Vash: Sorry but I have this strange lump on the back of my head.

Shiann: That reminds me, Due to some one! Blasting our equipment, we had to find a sponsor to afford all these new replacements.

Vash: Don't we have to advertise stuff to get money from sponsors?

Sanzo: Looks like we have genius amongst us today.

Shiann: *laughs* must be a side effect of the Chip we planted in his head.

Vash: What?

Sanzo: Exactly what he just said. You are endowed with the Perv-o-shocker 3000.

Vash: Why do I have to wear this damn thing?!

Shiann: cause Sanzo said so.

Sanzo: That and who's the genius who shot up our equipment?

Vash: What does that have to do with me wearing it?

Sanzo: Don't make me have to hurt you.

Vash: *sadness in his voice* what does this damn thing do then?

Shiann: Glad you asked. Well Sanzo tell our listeners about this wonderful product.

Sanzo: The Perv-o-shocker sends an electric shock to the brain when ever a perverted thought it thought up by the wearer.

Vash: Oh my god! You guys are trying to kill me aren't you!

Sanzo: uhhh let's get on with the show! Shiann bring out our special guest host today.
* 4 loud snaps are heard*
Vash: What the hell are these?

Sanzo: To make sure you don't go into convulsions on the new carpet.

Vash: I hate you.

Shiann: Today's Special guest is Sanzo's Girl friend Fei Valentine.

* Sound of door opening and closing*
Fei: Hello boys.

Vash: AHHH! * Sound of rattling heard*

Shiann: Bad Vash. Bad, you stop thinking those thoughts about Fei.

Sanzo: Oh yea. Today is so going to be a good day.

Fei: What is he yelling at? Does he not like women?

Vash: I am not Gay! I love women and there big br--- AHHHHH!

Sanso: Nice set up Fei

Fei: Thank you.

Shiann: Well enough torturing Vash. Let's take our first caller.

Caller: hello?

Vash: h- hell-o He- he-help me!

Sanzo: Ignore that guinea pig.

Shiann: So caller what's your name?

Caller: My name is Sailor Venus.

Fei: A sailor scout?

Caller: Yes

Shiann: So uhh what is today's topic any ways?

Vash: Let's talk about Tectonic plates or the laws of physics and gravity.

Fei: I say lets talk about sexy cloths.

Vash: *sound of rattling* Ahhh!

Sanzo: Hmmm then sexy outfits it is!

Shiann: Remember listeners Vash is testing out the Perv-o-Shocker, order yours not and get a free Wild TriYuki T-shirt free.

Vash: God help me! Please!

Sanzo: Shiann Duct tape please.

Shiann: Yes sir.
* Sound of Duct tape being used*

Vash: Mmmph! Mmmmh.

Fei: Ahh silence, so Venus tell us about your sexy outfit.

Shiann: Yes please do.

Caller: Well usually when I walk around I dress conservatively.

Shiann: That doesn't sound too sexy.

Caller: True but when a crime happens I transform, into

Shiann: in to.

Sanzo: Calm down there Skippy

Caller: sorry it's just embarrassing, but I'm naked for a good 2 min an-

Vash: MMMMMMM! *sound of rattling followed by a loud smacking sound*

Sanzo: Would you shut up!

Vash:*sound of whimpering*

Fei: Such a sad pathetic little man.

Shiann: Yes. Yes he is. Well any ways Venus do continue.

Caller: Well when I'm ready my outfit contains high heels, an orange mini skirt, and elbow high gloves and a very tight one piece bathing suit type armor.
Vash: mmm * more rattling is heard*

Venus: In fact some times I think my breasts are going to pop out when I'm in the middle of fighting.

Vash: *rattling sound is heard* Mmmmmm!

Fei: yea I have that problem to some times.

Vash: *Rattling sound continues* Mmmmmm!

Shiann: I love today.

Vash: Mmmm Mmm Mmph!

Sanzo: Would you shut up! * Sound of paper repeatedly hitting an object is heard*

Vash: Hmmm

Fei: Wow that had to hurt.

Shiann: naw Vash is used to that kind of punishment by now.

Sanzo: well thank you Venus for that description. Next caller please.

Fei: Hello caller you're on the air.

Caller: Yo.

Shiann: Tomboy.

Sanzo: Yup.

Caller: hey that's rude. And my name is Mimi-rue

Fei: Well then Mimi-rue tell us about your sexy outfit.

Sanzo: probably a pair of overalls and a Shirt that says don't mess with Texas.

Shiann: don't forget the baseball cap and the wheat stalk in her mouth.

*sound of Sanzo and Shiann laughing*

Sanzo: Mimi-rue hold on. Shiann what is that high pitched squeal?

Shiann: don't know but it sounds like a teaser before it's about to go off or a circuit about to pop.

Sanzo: Really. Hmm well back to our caller then.

Caller: well I fight monsters in a bikini and an armor skirt.

Fei: that sounds very eye catching to the monsters.

Shiann: Awesome. But probably a distraction to those helping you.

Sanzo: So what is the most uncomfortable part of that outfit?

Caller: It would have to be the Bikini bottom. Some times I'll get wedgies and end up having a thong on. Then when I fight for a long time I get all sweaty and it kind of makes me really hor-

Vash: * allowed popping sound is heard* MMMMMMMMMM!
* Uncontrollable rattling is heard for a few minutes then slowly dies out*

Shiann: *laughs* I had a feeling you were up to no good.

Sanzo: I'm such an ass aren't I? *sniff* what's that smell?

Fei: I don't know probably fried the chip with his dirty little mind.

Shiann: will he be ok?

Sanzo: probably, I mean it is Vash after all. Not a lot of brain matter up there to hurt.

Fei: The smell is getting worse.

Sanzo: yea it smells like burning plastic now.

Shiann: hmm I'm hungry.

Fei: Me to shall we go eat?

Sanzo: Yea sounds good to me. It's starting to stink pretty bad now.

Shiann: I guess we can drop Vash off at the hospital.

Fei: Do we have to? I don't want my car smelling like burnt plastic.

Sanzo: yea I guess we should. We'll just tie him to the roof.

Shiann: sounds good to me.

Sanzo: well I guess that's it for today's episode.

Shiann: yup well thank you Fei for coming to the show.

Fei: No problem.

Shiann: well good night every one!

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